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Seattle, Wa

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"Founded on the principle that our coffee will bring a pleasant experience to each customer, we know that whether you are on a long weekend or on your commute to work, your choice to enjoy Austin Chase Coffee will bring a delightful mark to your day."
About Austin Chase

Austin Chase Coffee was founded in 1989 with the strategy of developing an excellent espresso coffee and high quality service. The signature roasting style of Austin Chase Coffee creates a robust, flavorful and rich cup of coffee which is never bitter. This roasting philosophy produces a full-bodied coffee with a sweet, caramel finish. Individual varietal coffees and blends are hand roasted in the Old World tradition by our certified Roast Masters.

The roasting process begins with the purchase of only 100% of the top grade Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America, Indonesia and Africa. These beans are then roasted in small batches in a Probat coffee roaster that is consistently monitored and maintained to produce the premier coffee which our wholesale customers and licensing partners have come to know and appreciate.

Since it's inception, Austin Chase has experienced significant growth in the specialty coffee market, and has expanded the product line to several blends and varietals.

The overwhelming popularity of our exceptional specialty coffee has led to further expansion of our Wholesale division as well as to our Licensing effort thoughout the Pacific Northwest region. Some of our achievements include winning the Best Coffee award at Chicago's Coffee Fest, and being selected as the feature coffee for the Northwest Decorator Showcase sponsored by the Junior League with Martha Stewart.

Our Commitment to the Community

We believe that taking part in our community is an important part of doing business. By participating in programs that offer assistance and education, we as a group can feel a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Austin Chase Coffee has recently focused on breast cancer awareness. With donations, we support programs including the Community Education Series. This series is hosted by the Breast Cancer Research Guild and which presents six lectures throughout the year on cancer prevention, genetics and diet, all free of charge.

We support the point of view that the first step to cancer prevention is education. For more information on the Breast Cancer Research Guild, call (206) 667-6252.