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"With Austin Chase Coffee you can create a truly unique and proprietary blend for your business."

Private Label

Although Austin Chase Coffee offers many coffee blends and distinctive varietals from around the world, we also offer select customers the opportunity to create custom blends to meet their specific needs or to create a special and proprietary product.

Your staff is welcomed to observe the roasting process followed by a private cupping to taste coffees from around the world. Our Roastmaster presents each coffee and describes its unique taste characteristics. He then explains the blending process and shows you how certain coffees are blended to create new taste profiles that balance the favorable characteristics of each. Through this process, your staff can create a truly unique and proprietary blend.

In addition to serving your unique blend to your customers, Austin Chase Coffee can provide you with a custom label program for reselling your proprietary coffee to your customers. Packaged in -lb., 12-oz or 1-lb. bags, you can present your "private label" as an added value, sales tool, or promotional device.

Thank you for your interest in the Austin Chase Private Label Program!